Giggling Mongoose anyone?

Ever since my career adviser told me I should go into brewing technology when I was 16, I’ve been interested in setting up my own microbrewery! Below is the bible of all things beer, enlarge it and you will see details, is anyone else interested in setting up a proper microbrewery?

This is also a good reference borrowed from a microbrewer’s website. Its a bit of a pipe dream but considering my last two MBA exams were about microbreweries, I don’t feel I can ignore the signs any longer! I think my first brew will be called Giggling Mongoose! Well you’ve got to have dreams right? Who’s mad for it?

La revancha del futbol

Ranjit Gaind Football

Studying and working hard again at the moment so playing¬†football is a welcome relief from the daily grind. This week we had to do without Nachos and Frank the Tank, but their loss was our gain in that we had an unexpected visitor from the Hindhu Kush: Salman “im in no rush-die”. Also in attendance, for sadly the last time, was Sebastian “Sonny Bill” Williams. We wish him well in his forthcoming american football endeavours! We gained a Garrido brother and Neymar dragged himself out of the favelas to pitch up again, hopefully they’ll stick around a while until the new kit arrives (watch this space!) So from front left to right we have Salman No-Rush-die,¬†Seb “Sonny Bill” Williams, Neymar, Juan Super-Ho, Yours truly, Crusading Luiz, Lonely Philipe, Diego “i cant see”-rano and Kiriaco (to whom I dare not give a nickname!) Much Spanish was misunderstood again this week, but¬†I am¬†happy to report we won 16-12 playing 4 against 5; proper lungbuster but looking forward to next week! Arriba MGSM FC!


IRanjit Gaind¬†could’ve sworn I got off the plane in Sydney, Australia…… It seems though that where ever I go these days I am surrounded by Spanish speakers! Well there’s¬†nothing wrong with that, my castellano¬†is now¬†coming along nicely (as is my Aussie), but not good enough to know what they are talking about on a football pitch!¬†Now I’m¬†told castellano¬†is the second most natively spoken language in the world, I think its time therefore that I took¬†proper lessons, in fact I reckon I’ll vote for it as¬†a core module on the MBA!¬†Who’s up for taking the class? Introducing our new football team above¬†we have¬†3 Chilean, 2¬† Mexican, 1 Brazilian, 1 German and 1 Celtic-Subcontinental¬†and we didn’t¬†even have a full turn out! Hopefully the Paraguayans, Peruvians, Guatemalans and Pakistanis(?) will turn out next week! I’m guessing the Brazilian¬†might’ve¬†been speaking Portuguese¬†and with a¬†name like Neymar¬†you’ve got to be a little worried, but we did ok! It’s the free and simple pleasures in life that are the best, like lacing up your boots, having a run and slamming a few in the back of the net! Ole!