Very proud of my team CV 28 – PSP Logistics – AKA Team Excellence for winning the epic Race 2 to Rio de Janeiro. The tactics to go East in the doldrums paid dividends and even though they stopped to assist another boat with fresh water, were only pipped to the line honours by 19 seconds! On a 5000 Mile race that is phenomenally close. Seeing as they did stop though they were redressed with over an hour so came out winners nonetheless! Hopefully the awards can continue around the world!1561-news-main

Training day

Ranj BeardJust finished Level 1 and Level 2 training for the Clipper round the World race. The idea being that as Gosport is pretty far from Sydney Id do them back to back. It worked out pretty well albeit very tiring. The first week was super organised and naturally we were all keen as buttons to get involved, the second week was a little slower and by day 11 I got a stomach bug so my enthusiasm and sense of humour waned some what! Nevertheless it was great training and massive amounts of experience and knowledge were gained. Emergency procedures, sail changes, racing tactics, drills, points of sale plus much more were covered across the Solent and Channel and we “raced” across to Falmouth, down to the Channel Islands, round Alderney and back up covering nearly 1000 miles along the way. Australians, Russians, Norwegians, Brits, Swiss to name a few nationalities joined the throng and the camaraderie was excellent. The weather was unseasonably cold and we had force 7/8 conditions at times but it was great practice and the cold weather gear kept us all warm and dry when the waves weren’t crashing overhead! I bought a GoPro so enjoy the filming and stills below and if you are considering the training beware of the last clip!

Down Under

Really enjoying being in Manly, similar in some ways to Camps Bay in Cape Town, Manly’s got that village feel to it without feeling far from everything. Sandwiched between two beaches we are perfectly placed with the parks and views from north head only a short cycle ride away. It has the best snorkeling in New South Wales and fantastic surf plus we could eat at a different restaurant every night of the year if we could afford it! 🙂 Heading off to the UK for a month and will sorely miss the southern hemisphere. Back to back compulsory training on level 1 & level 2 for the clipper 13/14 race, I’m nervous and excited but dreading the cold and hoping that the arctic conditions improve before we go out to sea! Will try to take lots of GoPro footage and pictures to post up afterwards.

Some panoramic views:

Manly WharfManly CoveManly Beach Manly BeachNorth Head North head looking back to the citySunset Manly Wharf

Manly cove sunset